The Vision of Murrayville Family Practice

Murrayville Family Practice Group is an inter-professional health care organization established in Langley B.C. since 2001.

Considered a population health practice by the Ministry of Health, we are funded to look after and provide care for individuals using the right health care provider (whether that be a general practioner, nurse practitioner, nurse or clinical pharmacist), at the right place (office, home, long term care facility, hospital or even virtually) at the right time. Together as a team we holistically and effectively care for individual patients, their family and the community.

Along with providing same day access, comprehensive acute and chronic disease management we also advocate preventative services, wellness and fitness services as well as participate in programs to educate and support the community we serve.

Our Values

Our clinical and administrative teams strive to be inclusive, passionate, authentic and are driven by our collective desire to be a place where holistic person-centered, family and community supported longitudinal primary care is practiced and promoted each and every day.


Regard felt or shown towards different people, ideas and actions


The quality of being honest, ethical and truthful


The act of showing kindness and empathy to others


Working together, across our clinical disciplines, with patients and their caregivers/ family members to achieve  better health and better health outcomes through coordinated healthcare service delivery


Creating opportunities for equal access to our clinical services by recognizing and supporting individual / family / caregiver’s needs

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