Office Policies

Urgent and Unplanned Appointments:

Between 8am and 9am weekdays, the practice makes itself available for urgent drop in appointments. Other than this we do provide a limited number of same day appointments. These appointments are for urgent issues only, not for routine care such as prescription renewals or follow-ups. When you are being seen for a same day or drop in appointment please note you will be seeing the first available provider (MD or NP) in order to facilitate patient flow. Requests for specific providers will be accommodated if able. During this visit we will deal with the urgent issue only.

Diagnostic Test Follow-Up:

Our commitment to our patients and their family, is to follow up in a timely manner regarding test results that need action. Given the volume of test reports that we process each day our general policy is that “no news is good news”. In other words, if you don’t hear from us it means that no action is required.

Results requiring follow up could be by a call or email from your healthcare provider or medical office assistant or by a request for a follow-up appointment in the office. Feel free to ask us to review results with you as well at your next scheduled appointment.

You can currently obtain secure internet access to your own lab result from lab work at BC Bio, Lifelabs or Fraser Health outpatient labs through my ehealth (http://www.myehealth.ca/).

For a more complete option of viewing all test results including X-ray, ultrasound and CT scanning please sign up for our Accession service. This allows you to log into your personal health record as maintained by Murrayville Family Practice Group.

Pharmanet Access:

PharmaNet is the secure network created to link community pharmacies and MDs and NPs throughout the province. Given the incredibly complex nature of medicine and the reality that most people have marathon one health care provider prescribing for them, we as your health care provider, must be able to access your current medication profile in order to protect you from potentially dangerous medication interactions and duplications. Only authorized staff have access to your health records including medication profile. As a patient of Murrayville Family Practice Group we consider that we have your implied consent to accessing PharmaNet. Please speak to your primary care provider if you have any concerns.

Scent Free:

Please remember we are a scent free office.

Expected Behaviour:

The Murrayville Family Practice team values each patient and commits to treating all with compassion and respect.  We recognize that health care issues are often emotionally loaded and stressful for our patients and endeavour in the midst of that to be empathetic and understanding.  We expect our patients to treat us with respect and will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse.  We will not tolerate foul language or harassment of any kind.  We encourage our patients to partner with us in their health care by following through with our recommendations and attend appointments on time.  We provide our full attention during office visits and expect the same from our patients and request that cell phones be on vibrate and not answered while in the office.

Cancellation Policy:

A patient that does not keep their appointment impacts our ability to effectively care for both themselves as well as others. This unfilled appointment time means someone else has missed an opportunity for timely care. We understand that perhaps an emergency prevented the patient from coming in for their scheduled appointment and when we are contacted at their earliest convenience we work to reschedule the appointment in a timely fashion.

We require 24 hour notice if you are cancelling an appointment. Failure to notify our office 24 hours in advance may result in being invoiced for the booked office visit. We provide a 24 hour cancellation line via our phone system. Upon calling in our phone system offers the option to access our cancellation line by pressing 2. Leave your name, date and time of the appointment that you are cancelling. Alternatively, please use Accession.

Prescription Renewal:

We recognize that you have a busy life and we want to minimize unnecessary appointments, therefore we do provide a prescription renewal service.  This is accessed through calling your pharmacy and requesting a renewal.  The pharmacy notifies our office, the requests are reviewed by our clinicians and generally dealt with within 3-4 business days.  In certain situations, you will be requested to attend a follow-up appointment in the office before a refill is issued.

Uninsured Services:

Medical Services Plan (MSP), your public health insurance, does not cover all services provided by your primary care provider (MD & NP). Services not covered by MSP are referred to as “uninsured services”. Examples of uninsured services include, forms & sick notes, insurance and disability forms. For more information on uninsured services please contact the office during regular hours.