Information for new patients:

The Murrayville Family Practice Group is an inter-professional team based Patient Medical Home (PMH) type practice comprised of family physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and medical office assistants.

It is our mission to provide care that is of exceptional quality, that is timely and that is appropriately person entered and family supported.

We provide care across the age continuum, from birth to end of life and have comprehensive programs to provide for everyone’s unique needs, from infant and child development and immunization to supporting frail and medically complex adults. We will work with you to develop a plan for your appropriate preventative health needs, including age appropriate screening.

While each patient is “attached” to a primary care provider (physician or nurse practitioner), there are times when it may be more appropriate, because of the nature or urgency of your health problem, to see another practitioner in the office for that issue / visit. The advantages of this team based approach is more timely and comprehensive care as well as improved continuity in your healthcare.

Before your first appointment:

Prior to your initial appointment, please read this entire page as it’s our “welcome and information letter”. Murrayville Family Practice Group considers that we have your implied consent to the information listed on this page. Please speak to your primary care provider if you have any concerns.

Forms to be printed and submitted to MFPG:

New Patient Questionnaire Child (0-16yrs)

New Patient Questionnaire Adult

Online access:

We provide online access so that you can book regular appointments, renew prescriptions and review your test results. More information available on our Accession page.


Prescriptions can also be renewed directly through your pharmacy. Let them know you are a patient at our office and have them fax us the request. These will be reviewed by our clinicians and generally dealt with within 3-4 business days. In certain situations you will be requested to attend a follow-up appointment in the office before or in conjunction with the refill being issued.

Medication plays crucial role in recovery and in staying well, and we believe that you, the patient, have a role to play in adherence to medication regimes, which is why we typically will provide a year’s renewal of medicine (exceptions include narcotics, hypnotics, anxiolytics, and certain other high risk medicines). Certain intervals for lab work or office visits will be communicated as appropriate.

Pharmanet Access:

PharmaNet is the secure network created to link community pharmacies and MDs and NPs throughout the province. Given the incredibly complex nature of medicine and the reality that most people have marathon one health care provider prescribing for them, we as your health care provider, must be able to access your current medication profile in order to protect you from potentially dangerous medication interactions and duplications. Only authorized staff have access to your health records including medication profile. As a patient of Murrayville Family Practice Group we consider that we have your implied consent to accessing PharmaNet. Please speak to your primary care provider if you have any concerns.

Use of walk in clinics:

We encourage you to access care at our office whenever possible and avoid the use of walk in clinics. If you must use one, insist they forward copies of the visit and any investigations to our office. Not all clinics do so automatically. Our office is uniquely funded by the Ministry of Health to provide the primary care needs for you and your family and such visits to walk in clinics are paid for by our office. We endeavour to provide care on a time appropriate basis. This includes care for unscheduled or unanticipated health problems which are provided through “urgent care appointments” and through our urgent care clinic, weekdays 8-9am.

Cancellation policy:

Please note that our office has a 24-hour cancellation Policy. In the event we are not notified charges may apply. Our cancellation line can be accessed 24/7 at 604-533-1140.